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Description type:Original description 
Description:Perithecia nonstromatic, gregarious or solitary, dark brown to black, venter globose to subglobose, immersed; neck elongated, emerging above the substratum, straight or slightly curved, ostiolum periphysate. Perithecial wall leathery, two-layered; outer layer of textura prismatica, composed of dark brown polyhedral to brick-like cells; cells in the neck of textura prismatica to porrecta; inner layer composed of hyaline, thin-walled, elongated cells. Paraphyses septate, hyaline, tapering towards the tip, longer than the asci. Asci unitunicate, clavate, 8-spored, truncate to broadly rounded at the apex, long-stipitate, when young arising in large bundles from the hymenium, floating freely at maturity. Ascospores oblong to ellipsoidal, hyaline, aseptate. Anamorph unknown. 
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