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Description:Ceratosphaeria lampadophora (Berk. & Broome) Niessl, Verhandl. naturforsch Vereines Brünn. 14:43 (1876). Figs. 33-40
Ascomata depressed globose, long-beaked, brown to yellow brown, beak surface smooth, at times with yellow crystals, venter ca. 1000 µm diam, neck 850-900 µm long, occurring solitary, or in small groups, immersed becoming erumpent or only beaks erumpent. Ascomal wall in longitudinal section composed of an inner layer of flattened hyaline cells, a middle layer of small, polygonal to irregular, pale brown cells, an outer layer of irregular, yellow brown, pseudoparenchymatic cells. Ascomatal apex elongate beak-like, 850-900 µm high, 225-240 µm wide. Paraphyses abundant, ca. 4.5-5.5 µm wide just above the asci, long tapering above. Asci cylindrical, 150-175 x 8-9.5 µm; with a tall, narrow, apical ring, 2-3 µm wide, 3-3.5 µm high; with 8 biseriate ascospores. Ascospores fusiform, hyaline, 5-7 septate, 52-72 x 3.5-4.5 µm. For description of the type specimen see Hyde et al (1997).
Habitat. - On bark or wood.
Known distribution. - Europe.
Specimens Examined: - France. Midi-Pyrénées, Ariège, Las Muros, Rimont, elev 450 m, on 3 cm branch on the ground, 25-IX-2002, A.N. Miller, J. Fournier, A.M. Stchigel, M. Calduch, SMH4822, GenBank AY346270 [GenBank]
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