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 Add this item to the list  Hydnopolyporus Reid, gen. nov.
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Description:Hydnopolyporus Reid, gen. nov.
Sporophores lignicolous, discrete or caespitose, often forming small rosettes consisting of numerous, irregular flabelliform pilei. When discrete the fruitbodies usually consist of a large number of narrow, flattened, strap-like segments united behind into a short stipe. Sometimes, however, there may be very few segments and the fructification may be reduced to a single linear branch. Alternatively there may be a flabelliform pileus divided into numerous hair-like or cuneate segments. When dissected the narrow segments bear short, lateral spinose branches along their length and these are arranged in a pectinate manner. The fruitbodies are white. Hymenial surface bearing isolated warts, spines or ridges or becoming tardily poroid. Hyphal structure monomitic, consisting of hyaline, branched, generative hyphae which tend to be rather broad (2.5-10 µm in diam.) and which lack clampconnexions at the septa. These hyphae have thin but distinct or strongly thickened walls. Cystidia and gloeocystidia absent. Spores smooth, thin-walled, hyaline and non-amyloid, varying in shape from very broadly elliptical to ovate, 4-5 x 3-3.75 µm.
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