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 Add this item to the list  Corticium berkeleyi, Cooke.
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Description type:Latin diagnosis 
Description:Corticium berkeleyi, Cooke.
Latissime effusum, tenuissimum, indeterminatum, matrici totum adnatum; hymenio rimoso, sordide albo vel fuscescenti; sporae ellipsoideae, 7-8 x 4 µm.
Exs.: Ray. Fung. Amer. Exs, n. 225; Ellis, N. Amer. Fung. 934.
On pine-bark. Southern United States.
Very thin, indeterminate, broadly effused, cracked; hymenium white or brownish. Superficially resembling C. vagum, but readily distinguished by the spores.
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