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Remarks (internal):Volvariella bombycina is a widely distributed species and recognized by its robust habit, pale silky-scaly pileus, well-developed saccate volva, habitat on wood, and medium-sized basidiospores. Previous reports of V. bombycina from Brazil include Rick (1961) for Rio Grande do Sul State, and in the checklists of Bononi et al. (1981) and Meijer (2001, 2006) from São Paulo and Paraná States respectively. 
Description type:Non-original description 
Description:Volvariella bombycina (Schaeff.) Singer Figs. 1, 5a-b
GenBank EU920669, EU920673
Macrocharacters -Pileus large, 140 mm diam., campanulate to convex, slightly umbonate, whitish-cream, surface dry, smooth at center with yellowish fibrils toward the margin. Lamellae remote, pinkish, crowded, with lamellulae. Stipe 145 x 11(apex)-17(base) mm, yellowish-cream, tapering toward the apex and slightly bulbous, flexuous, slightly fibrillose at the apex and slightly longitudinally striate toward the base. Volva 40 mm long, saccate, yellowishwhite, ample, well developed, often deliquescent, with scanty mycelium at the base.
Microcharacters -Basidiospores [20/1/1] 8.7(-10) x 6.2(-7.5) µm (Q = 1.33-1.4), ellipsoid, smooth, slightly pinkish, inamyloid, thick-walled, guttulate, often 2-guttulate. Basidia (18.7-)20-23(-25) x (6.2-)7.5-8.7 µm, clavate, thin-walled, with small guttulae, 4-spored, with short sterigmata. Pleurocystidia (36-)40-64(-70) x (7.5-)8.7-15(-17.5) µm, appendiculate or ventricose, sometimes strangulate at the apex or throughout extension, fairly abundant and well distributed, thin-walled. Cheilocystidia (50-)60- 94(-100) x (13.7-)16.2-24 µm, clavate to slightly fusoid, very abundant, thin-walled. Lamella trama bilateral convergent, 50-89 µm width, of thinwalled hyphae, 3.7-11.2 µm diam., hyaline, sometimes pale yellowish, septate. Subhymenium cellular. Pileus context undifferentiated, composed by thin walled hyphae, 6.2-12.5 µm diam., hyaline, septate. Pileipellis composed by thin-walled hyphae, 5-18 µm diam., with yellowish content, arranged more or less parallel to surface. Volval elements formed by thin-walled hyphae, 3.7- 13.7 µm diam., hyaline or with light brown content, septate, well compacted and parallel. Clamp connections absent in all parts examined.
Habitat and substrate -Solitary on decaying wood.
Specimens examined -Brazil. Sˣo Paulo State: Sˣo Paulo, Parque Estadual Da Cantareira, N˼cleo Engordador -30.X.2007, Menolli Jr. et al. 151 (SP).
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