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Description:PORIA OTAKOU G. H. Cunn. (fig. 15) Dept. Sci. Industr. Res., Pl. Dis. Div. Bull. 72: 38 (1947). Holotype: PDD 4182 New Zealand, Otago Lakes, Kinloch, Jan. 1942, G.H. Cunningham, on Nothofagus fusca (Hook. f.) Oerst.
= Ceriporia otakou (G.H. Cunn.) P. K. Buchanan & Ryvarden comb. nov.
The species belongs in Ceriporia Donk because of the resupinate basidiocarp, monomitic hyphal system with simple septate hyphae, absence of cystidia, and smooth, thin-walled, nonamyloid spores, 3.5-5 x 2-3 µm.
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