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Ascochyta equiseti (Desm.) Grove, J. Bot. 56, 1918: 315. - Sphaeria equiseti Desm., Pl. Crypt. Fr.: no. 183 (isotype LE!). - Sphaeropsis epitricha Berk. & Broome, Ann. Nat. Hist., 2 ser., 5, 1850: 375. - Phoma epitricha (Berk. & Broome) Sacc., Syll. Fung. 3, 1884: 168. - Diplodina equiseti Sacc., Ann. Mycol. 3, 1905: 233 (isotypi LE! TRT!). - Stagonosporopsis equiseti Morochk., Ukr. Bot. Zhurn. 21-22, 1939: 324. - A. equiseti (Desm.) H. C. Greene, Amer. Midl. Naturalist 44, 3, 1951: 629. Fig.5, p.48.
Pycnidia broadly scattered or arranged in line, immersed, dark brown or black, oval or almost globose, 200800 µm diam., with a small circular pore and papillate ostiole. Pycnidial wall thin. Conidia oblong-ellipsoidal, oval, both ends rounded, sometimes one end somewhat tapered, straight, not or slightly constricted, (8)10-16 x (2.5)3-4(4.5) µm.
On dead and dying leaves and stems of Equisetum spp.
Distribution: Europe (France; Germany; Italy; UK; USSR - Estonia, Latvia, Leningrad Oblast', Ukraine), N. America (USA).
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