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Description:PORIA OTAKOU n.sp. Fig. 11; Pl. III, fig. 2.
Hymenophore effused, to 8 x 3 cm., 1-2 mm. thick, fragile, dingy cream or isabelline, when dry dingy yellow; margin lifting, irregular, slightly inturned, cream, to 2 mm. wide, floccose; surface even, cracking, dissepiments not toothed. Pores not in strata, dingy cream in section, round or angular, irregular, 0. 5-1 mm. deep, 250-500 µm diameter, or 2- 5 to mm.; dissepiments 50-200 µm thick, equal, densely compacted, of parallel hyphae, margin slightly tapering, of parallel hyphae with rounded ends, appearing finely velutinate. Context to 1 mm. thick, concolorous, loosely woven at the base, densely woven and forming a sclerotioid layer to 60 µm thick beneath the pores, crystals present; generative hyphae 3-6 µm thick, thin-walled, septate, freely branched, clamp connections not seen, bridging hyphae numerous. Basidial type clavate, basidia clavate or cylindrical, to 12 x 4 µm, arranged in a dense palisade. Spores ovate, elliptical, or pip-shaped, 4.5-6 x 2-2.5 µm, hyaline, smooth.
HABITAT: Nothofagus fusca (Hook.f.) Oerst., an bark of fallen branch.
Otago. Kinloch, head of Lake Wakatipu, 1,250 feet, Jan., 1942, G. H. C., type collection.
The irregular pores, colour of the hymenophore, sclerotioid layer of the context and delicate walls of the thick generative hyphae are the characters of the species.
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