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Description:Poria nothofagi sp. nov. Fig. 4
Hymenophore annual, adherent, membranous, fragile, effused forming linear areas 5-11 x 1-4 cm, sometimes extending to 1 metre, 1-3 mm thick. Hymenial surface chalk white when fresh, drying cream or honey yellow, or in parts pallid ochre, even, often creviced deeply; margin adherent, thinning out, irregular, to 1 mm wide, finely fibrillose, cream. Pores not in strata, irregular, orbicular, oval, angular, elliptical or labyrinthiform when slightly irpiciform, 1-4 per mm, 0.2.-1.5 mm diameter, to 1.5 mm deep, white or cream; dissepiments fragile, 150-500 µm thick, irregular, edges bearing free capitate paraphysate hyphae naked or encrusted with fine crystals. Context white or cream, 0.1-1 mm thick, of intertwined hyphae encrusted with fine crystals; generative hyphae 2.5-3 µm diameter, 0.25 µm thick, branched, septate, with abundant clamp connections. Hymenial layer to 20 µm deep, a dense palisade of basidia, paraphyses, and capitate paraphysate hyphae. Basidia subclavate, 12-14 x 3-4 µm, bearing 4 spores; sterigmata erect, to 6 µm long, commonly about 4 µm. Paraphyses subclavate, 8-12 x 3-3.5 µm. Paraphysate hyphae projecting to 20 µm, apices capitate, to 6 µm diameter, naked or bearing acicular crystals. Spores mostly cylindrical, some suballantoid, apiculate, 5-6.5 x 1.5-2 µm, walls smooth, hyaline, 0.1 thick.
TYPE LOCALITY: Mt. Tongariro, Wellington. DISTRIBUTION: New Zealand.
HABITAT: Bark and decorticated wood of standing dead saplings, fallen branches and trunks, associated with a white rot.
FAGACEAE. Nothofagus cliffortioides: Wellington, Waihohonu River, Mt. Tongariro, 1,200 m, type collection, P.D.D. herbarium, No. 5275; Oturere River, Mt. Tongariro, 1,350 m; Pangarara River, Mt. Tongariro, 1,000 m; Kaimanawa Ranges, 950 m; Mangatormoru Stream, Mt. Ruapehu, 1,200 m; Whakapapa, Mt. Ruapehu, 1,100 m; Silica Springs Track, Mt. Ruapehu, 1,100 m. Otago, Lake Manapouri, 160 m. Nothofagus menziesii: Hawke's Bay, Upper Homestead, Poronui, 700 m. Wellington, Mt. Hauhangatahi, 700 m. Otago, McLennan, Catlins.
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