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Description:Diplomitoporus flavescens (Bres.) Domanski
Diplomitoporus flavescens is rare in South Finland, and has recently been found in Finnish La-pland. Hermansson (1997) reported it from the Komi Republic, and Bondartseva (1998) from seven areas of European Russia, e.g., Leningrad
Region. We found it in the Veps Forest, Karelian Isthmus and Vodlozero. Most habitats were dry, exposed and sunny, for instance lakesides or fairly thin stands of young pine. In Vodlozero the species occurred on fallen pine in a small windfall opening of a spruce-dominated, mesic forest. More typically (for instance in Central Europe, also South Finland) the species grows on standing, dwarf-size pines in peatlands.
The spores of D. flavescens are wide and curved, or phaseoliform, (5.8-)6.2-7.7(-8) x (2.1-) 2.2-2.9(-3.1) µm, L=6.91 µm, W=2.55 µm, Q=2.61-2.71 (n=120/3).

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