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Description:Junghuhnia fimbriatella (Peck) Ryvarden
Originally described from North America, Junghuhnia fimbriatella also occurs in East Asia:
Kamchatka (Parmasto 1963a, Bondartseva 1998), NE China (Dai 2000), and in several Centra] Euro-pean countries (Ryvarden & Gilbertson 1993), but is not reported from North Europe (Hansen & Knudsen 1997). Now OMI collected it from the Veps Forest, on fallen, fairly strongly rotten aspen trees, 60-70 cm in diameter. New to European Russia.
This polypore is a look-alike of J. lacera/separabilima (next species), but differs mainly by its spore dimensions. They are (2.1-)2.3-2.8(-3.2) x (1.7-)1.9-2.2(-2.4) µm, L=2.52 µm, W=2.06 µm, Q=1.22 (n=1 80/6). Critical is the thickness of the spores: in J. fimbriatella the diameter is about 2 µm, in J. lacera/separabilima about 3 µm.
Specimens examined: Russia. Leningrad Region: Tikhvin Dist., Veps Forest, Populus tremula, 3.V1.2000 Miettinen 2091, 4.VI.2000 Miettinen 2107, 2109 (H). Czech Republic. Bohemia: Stimava, Boubinsky prales, Fagus sylvatica, 4.IX.1970 Pouzar (H, ex PRM 870821). Slovakia. Slovenské Rudohorie: Gierny Ba-log, Dobroéky prales, Acer platanoides, 9.X.1993 Varn-pola (Polyporales Exs. Gechosl. 111, H). U.S.A. Wash-ington: Olympic Peninsula, Populus nigra, 9.1X.1957 Lowe et al. 8326 (H). Canada. Quebec: Boischkel, Ulmus americana, 9.X.1971 Sirard 316 (H, ex DAOM 153386). Ste. Foy, Quercus rubra, 24.X.1971 Sirard 310 (H, ex DAOM 153395). Ontario: Renfrew, Acer saccharum, 23.X.1984 Ginns 08646 & Redhead (H, ex DAOM 191083).
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