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 Add this item to the list  BOLETUS STELLENBOSSIENSIS, N.SP.
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Plants stipitate; pileus firm, convex to expanded, 12 cm. to 18 cm. diam., 2cm. to 2.5 cm. thick, upper surface glabrous, yellow to yellowish-brown, cracking into characteristic irregular areas; context, cream to yellowish-brown in herbarium specimens, 2 mm. to 1.5 cm. thick, soft to hard; tubes up to 2 cm. long, approximately 2 to the mm., dark brown; stem central, rarely excentric, 2 cm. diam., even or thickening upwards, solid, surface at times cracking lengthwise; spores yellowish, guttulate. 20 µm by 6 µm. to 9 µm, oblong-elliptic, with rounded ends.
Collected by the author on the ground in pine plantations at Klapmuts (508), at Stellenbosch (815), between Stellenbosch and Somerset West (2078).
The cracking of the upper surface of the pileus is characteristic and resembles the cracking of the upper surface of the pileus of the European Anellaria separata. The context is harder in specimens in which it is somewhat scanty and such specimens usually dry very hard.
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