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 Add this item to the list   Heliogaster Orihara et Iwase gen. nov.
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Description:Heliogaster Orihara et Iwase, gen. nov.
MycoBank MB 513563
Basidiomata secotioid to gasteroid, hypogeous to subepigeous, soft, often with rudimentary stipe at the base. Gleba nonpulverulent, whitish, usually discolored when exposed to air, with irregular-shaped, empty, nonglutinous locules. Columella mostly present, more or less dendroid. Basidiospores dextrinoid, thick-walled, with large, conical to pyramidal, more or less striate, spiny ornamentation; ornamentation consisting of more or less continuous exosporium with cavities; perisporium and ectosporium present, hyaline. Basidia clavate to cylindro-clavate, 2-, 3- or 4-spored. Hymenial layer developed, forming glebal locules. Peridium of thin-walled, noninflated filamentous hyphae. Clamp connections absent in all tissues.
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