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 Add this item to the list   Fuscoporia livida (Kalchbrenner) comb. nov.
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Description:Fuscoporia livida (Kalchbrenner) comb. nov.
Polyporus lividus Kalch. ex Cke., Grevillea 10: 103, 1882. Non Polyporus lividus Cke., Grevillea 10: 131, 1882. Polyporus luridus Kalch. ex Cke., Grevillea 12: 21, 1883. Fomes luridus (Kalch.) Cke., Grevillea 14: 21, 1885. Poria livida (Kalch.) Cke., Grevillea 14: 111, 1886. Fomes lividus (Kalch.) Sacc., Syll. Fung. 6: 206, 1888.
Hymenophore perennial, adherent, coriaceous, effused forming irregular linear areas 5-20 x 3-8 cm, 3-12 mm thick. Hymenial surface dingy tan when fresh, becoming dusky brown, or umber, even, not creviced; margin thinning out, with a tan or fawn sterile border to 3 mm wide, receding in each successive layer. Pores in 1-5 obscure layers, each 1-2 mm deep, ferruginous, round often oblique, 6-7 per mm, 90-150p diameter; dissepiments 70-130p thick, equal or tapering slightly, finely velutinate at apices. Context umber, of densely intertwined hyphae; skeletal hyphae to 5 µm diameter, walls 1-1 -5 µm thick, tinted to pallid fuscous, aseptate, unbranched, encrusted with granules of mucilage; generative hyphae 2-2.5 µm diameter, walls hyaline, 0 .1 µm thick, branched, septate. Hymenial layer to 15 µm deep, a loose palisade of basidia and paraphyses embedded in mucilage, soon collapsing. Basidia clavate, 8-12 x 7-8 µm, bearing 4 spores on erect sterigmata to 4 µm long. Paraphyses clavate, 6-10 x 5-6 µm. Spores irregularly oval, subglobose, or angular, 3 - 5-4.5 x 3.5-4 µm, walls smooth, hyaline, 0.25 µm thick, staining blue, collapsing.
TYPE LOCALITY: Richmond River, New South Wales. DISTRIBUTION: Australia.
HABITAT: Bark of fallen dead logs or erect stumps.
CASUARINACEAE. Casuarina sp.: New South Wales, Middle Harbor, Sydney. MIMOSACEAE. Acacia sp.: Queensland, Bribie Island, Moreton Bay. MYRTACEAE. Leptospermum sp.: Queensland, Bundaberg. Tristania conferta: New South Wales, Sydney. UNKNOWN HOSTS. Queensland, Kalbar; Bundaberg. New South Wales, Milson Island, Hawkesbury River; Lismore; Kew; Taree; Terrigal.
IN KEW HERBARIUM: "N.S.W., Richmond River", type collection, "Q., Imbil State Forest, J.B.C., 14", "N.S.W., Lismore, J.B.C., 30", and "N.S.W., Hawkesbury River, J.B.C., 29" filed under the cover of Polyporus lividus; "N.S.W., Clarence River, Wilcox" under Poria livida; "N.S.W., Clarence River," filed as Polyporus luridus; "N.S.W., Clarence River, Thorneton" labelled by Cooke Polyporus obliqua.
As all collections examined are resupinate the species is obviously a Fuscoporia. Context hyphae are encrusted with granules of mucilage, which give to context and pores their characteristic colour. Spores are unusual, being oval or subglobose, often angular or irregular, small, with relatively thick walls staining with aniline blue.
Lowe (1957, p. 41) referred to the species (as Fomes), as synonyms, Fomitiporia cubensis Murr. from West Indies, Fomes olivaceus Lloyd and F. longinquus Lloyd from Japan. Judging from his description of spores and generative hyphae they do not appear to be the same.
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