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Description:Podohydnangium australe Beaton, Pegler & Young, sp. nov.
Gasterocarp 7-60 x 12-40 mm diam. when fresh, subglobose to flattened ellipsoid with a basal attachment; surface very pale orange (M.4.5YR/8.8/ 1.9) or pale red (M.O.5YR/8.4/3.6) towards the apex, whitish towards the base, glabrous, rugulose, with a silky sheen, often but not always with the gleba exposed towards the base. Peridium variable in thickness, 120-1000 µm thick, fragile, translucent, evanescent, finally cracking and flaking away. Gleba concolorous with the peridium, non-gelatinized, or small chambers with radial and longitudinal orientation. Chambers 1.5-2 x 0.75-1.5 mm, irregular, strongly anastomosing, empty. Tramal plates variable in thickness, 200-400 µm, thinner when dry. Columella present but not always percurrent, slightly gelatinized; stipe present, either reduced to a turbinate swelling, or forming a tortuous cylindric outgrowth, 4-5 x 2-7 mm, solid, surface white, glabrous. Spore deposit (in chambers) white or very pale cream colour. Spores 9-11.5(-14) 7.5-10(-13) (10 ± 1 x 9.5 ± 0.8) µm, Q = 1.05, globose to subglobose, hyaline, inamyloid, non-dextrinoid, with a slightly thickened wall (-0.5 m), bearing numerous, slender, isolated spines, 0.5-1.5 x 0.30.5 µm, reduced to verrucae towards the spore base; hilar appendix 1-5-2.5 x 1-1.5 µm, tapering to a broad, apical hilar pore. Hymenium initially a palisade of immature basidia, 24-28 x 7-10 µm, cylindrico-clavate, eventually covered by a thick spore deposit. Mature basidia 47-65 x 6-10 µm, elongate cylindric or constricted with a subventricose base, bearing 2 or 4, occasionally 3, stout sterigmata, 6-13 µm long. Cystidia none. Subhymenial layer well-developed, 17-30 m wide, pseudoparenchymatous. Hymenophoral trama regular to subregular, hyaline, of more or less parallel, thin-walled hyphae, 2-6 µm diam., inflated to 15µm diam. Peridiopellis of repent, parallel, slightly agglutinated hyphae, 3-10 m diam., not or scarcely inflating. All hyphae with clamp-connexions (Plate 19 M-S, Fig. 2 A-G).
VICTORIA. Otway Range, Grey River Res., under litter in wet Eucalyptus forest, 18 July 1982, G. Weste, K. & G. Beaton 36: Apollo Bay end of Turtons Track, under forest litter, 19 July 1982, K. & G. Beaton 40; in Eucalyptus regnans forest, 23 July 1982, K. & G. Beaton 48 (holotype, K); Maits Rest near Apollo Bay, in wet Eucalyptus forest
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