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 Add this item to the list  Fomitiporia cubensis Murrill, sp. nov.
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Description:Fomitiporia cubensis Murrill, sp. nov.
Effused, irregular, inseparable, rigid, 1-2.5 cm. thick; margin obtuse, elevated, narrowly sterile, glabrous or finely tomentose, undulate, ashy-white, blackening with age: context conspicuous, umbrinous, punky; hymenium very uneven, colliculose, more or less convex, pure ashy-white when young, discolored when older, distinctly and many times stratified; tubes whitish-stuffed, umbrinous in the older layers, grayish-avellaneous in recent growths, about 3 mm. long each season, mouths circular, 4 to a mm., edges obtuse, rigid, entire: spores globose, ovoid, smooth, hyaline, 4-5 µm long; hyphae subhyaline to pale-brown, 3-4 µm; cystidia none.
Type collected at Ciego de Avila, Cuba, on an old log in a field, March 21, 1905, F. S. Earle & W. A. Murrill627.
Distribution: Cuba and Costa Rica.
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