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 Add this item to the list   Ceriomyces Housei Murrill, sp. nov.
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Description:Ceriomyces Housei Murrill, sp. nov.
Pileus convex above, nearly plane below, 3-4 cm. broad, 1 cm. thick; surface smooth, dry, minutely tomentose, chocolate-red with a velvety sheen; margin concolorous above, slightly overlapping the tubes, reddish beneath; context firm, solid, white, unchanging; tubes decurrent, never depressed, clear-yellow when young, dull-yellow with age, not changing when wounded, 2-4 mm. long, mouths of medium size, circular to oblong, never angled, edges thin, entire; spores smooth, oblong-ellipsoid, yellowish, with a large hyaline nucleus, 7-9 x 4-5 µm; stipe central, cylindric, equal, subglabrous, yellow and distinctly reticulate above, dull chocolate-brown below, the base frequently mottled with yellow, solid and unchanging within, 3-5. cm. long, 5-8 mm. thick.
Type collected at the Pink Beds, North Carolina, July 6, 1909, on mossy banks in deciduous thickets, H. D. House 09, 11.
Distribution; Known only from the type locality.
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