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 Add this item to the list  Russula Robinsoniae Burlingham, sp. nov.
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Description:Russula Robinsoniae Burlingham, sp. nov.
Pileus convex, then plane, up to 15 cm. broad; surface vinous-purple but not uniformly colored, varying with dark-purple and some chamois-color and greenish intermingled, viscid when wet, with the pellicle separable, at least on the margin, glabrous; margin even; context rather thick, white, red next to the cuticle, bitter and peppery; lamellae white, turning yellow very soon, a few short ones present, some forking next to the stipe, venose-connected, very narrow at the inner ends, rounded at the outer, subdistant, rather narrow; stipe stained more or less with rose-color or vinous-purple, bulbous at the base, spongy, 6-10 cm. long, 2.5 cm. thick; spores pale-yellow, echinulate, globose to subglobose, 7-8.5 µm in diameter.
Type collected on the ground under spruce trees at Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming, August 9, 1912, Winifred J. Robinson (herb. N. Y. Bot. Card.).
Distribution; Known only from the type locality.
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