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Description:Russula glauca Burlingham. Agaricus griseus Pers. Syn. Fung. 445. 1801. Not A. griseus Batsch, 1783. Russula grisea Fries, Epicr. Myc. 361. 1838. Russulina grisea Schrot. Krypt.-Fl. Schles. 31; 551. 1889.
Pileus fleshy, firm, convex, then expanding, finally depressed in the center, up to 9 cm. broad; surface varying in color from glaucous t? leaden-green or slate-green intermingled with a tinge of rosy-flesh to salmon-flesh or even maize-yellow, fading, viscid when wet, the pellicle separable half way to the center, having a pruinose bloom when young; margin even at first, at length faintly and finely striate on the very narrow edge; context tinged like the surface next to the cuticle, otherwise white, thin, mild in taste, without special odor; lamellae white, becoming cream-colored to maize-yellow, mostly equal, some forking next to the stipe, rounded at the outer ends, narrow at the inner, close, thin; stipe white, firm, solid, equal or tapering upward, 4-5 cm. long, 1-1.5 cm. thick: spores pitchpin, elliptic, very finely echinulate, 5 x 7 µm.
Type Locality: France.
Habitat: In grass in thin woods of birch, maple, beech, spruce, or fir.
Distribution: Vermont; also in Europe.
Illustrations: Bres. Funghi Mang. pl. 77; Gill. Champ. Fr. pl. 191 (616); Ricken, Blitterp. Deutschl. pil. 18, f. 1. 67.

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