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 Add this item to the list  Russula parvula Burlingham, sp. nov.
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Description:Russula parvula Burlingham, sp. nov.
Pileus broadly convex, becoming plane, up to 4 cm. broad; surface very dark violet, almost black in the center and black all over when young, becoming paler and brighter colored on the margin, viscid when wet, with separable pellicle, pruinose when young, then polished; margin scarcely striate; context fragile, tinged reddish under the pellicle, otherwise white, slowly acrid; lamellae white, yellowish in drying, dusted with the white spores, equal, simple, venose-connected, slightly adnate, close; stipe white, staining sordid-violaceous or dull-red where handled or bruised, spongy within, 2.5-4 cm. long, 1 cm. or less thick; spores white, globose, echinulate, 7 µm in diameter.
Type collected in needle soil in spruce woods at Stratton, Vermont, August 23, 1910, Gertrude S. Burlingham 202-1910 (herb. Burlingham).
Distribution; Known only from the type locality.
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