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Description type:Original description 
Description:Prunulus ochraceicinereus Murrill, sp. nov.
Pileus thin, broadly convex, not umbonate, gregarious, 2 cm. broad; surface smooth, glabrous, shining, pale-ochraceous-cinereous, margin whitish, slightly striate; lamellae adnate with a decurrent tooth, very few inserted, broad near the margin, subdistant, pallid; spores oblong-ellipsoid, smooth, hyaline, about 7 x 4-5 µm; stipe cylindric, equal, smooth, glabrous, concolorous, nearly white at the apex, pruinose at the base, 3-4 cm. long, 2 mm. thick.
Type collected on decayed wood at Edgewater, New Jersey, September 20, 1902, F. S. Earle & W. A. Murrill 1419 (herb. N. Y. Bot. Card.).
Distribution: Known only from the type locality.
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