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Description type:Original description 
Description:Camarophyllus angustifolius Murrill, sp. nov.
Pileus thick, fleshy, expanded, 4 cm. broad; surface dry, glabrous, white, margin not striate; context white, mild to the taste; lamellae long-decurrent, forking, rather crowded, narrow, white; spores minute, ellipsoid, 4 x 3 µm; stipe cylindric, subglabrous, white, solid, 3 cm. long, 8 mm. thick.
Type collected on the ground in woods at Fort Lee, New Jersey, September, 1902, F. S. Earle &' W. A. Murrill 1387 (herb. N. Y. Bot. Gard.).
Distribution: Known only from the type locality.
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