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 Add this item to the list  347. Cantharellus inaequalis B. & Br.
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Description type:Latin diagnosis 
Description:347. Cantharellus inaequalis, B. & Br.
Pileo infundibuliformi aurantiaco pulverulento; stipite elongato, sursum dilatato; venis sublamelliformibus obtusis decurrentibus, interstitiis laevibus (no. 103 in part).
Peradeniya, 1868.
Subcaespitose; pileus 0.35 inch across, deeply infundibuliform, sometimes splitting, pulverulent or subtomentose; stem nearly 1 inch high, about 0.5 a line thick, dilated upwards, furfuraceous or fibrillose; veins much broader than in C. humilis, but truly those of a Cantharellus; interstices even.
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