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Description type:Latin diagnosis 
Description:449. Polyporus (Pleuropus) russiceps, B. & Br.
Pileo suborbiculari, postice in stipitem brevem angustato rufo, pulverulento scabrosove; cuticula in venas vagas hic illic vellicata; margine ciliato; hymenio albo; poris parvis, dissepimentis tenuibus (no. 961, cum icone).
On dead wood.
Pileus 3 inches or more across, of a bright rufous brown, clothed with pulverulent hispid down, the cuticle being here and there pinched up into veinlike simple or branched processes; hymenium white when fresh, acquiring a slightly rufous tinge in drying. Pores 1/72 inch in diameter.
The pileus resembles that of Favolus ruficolor.
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