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 Add this item to the list   Phellinus acontextus Ryv. nova. sp. Fig. 7.
Description type:Original description 
Description:Phellinus acontextus Ryv. nova. sp. Fig. 7.
Typus: Nepal, Gandaki prov. Ghorapani 2800 m, 30. Oct. 1979, on Abies sp. L. Ryvarden 18742. (O, holotype, K isotype) .
Fruitbody pendant and small, ungulate, 2,5-3 µm high and 1,5-2 cm diam, circular to irregular in section, brittle and light of consistency when dry. Pileus dark brown to almost black, glabrous, densely zonate with narrow and in part sharp ridges, covered with a thin black cuticle, 100-250 µm thick, margin sharp, pore surface dark rusty to umber brown, pores minute, almost invisible to the naked eye, 6-8 per mm, tubes dark rusty brown, slightly zonate up to 3 cm deep, context lacking or extremely thin (lens!) close to the base, cinnamon.
Hyphal system dimitic, generative hyphae with simple septae, hyaline 2-3 µm wide, skeletal hyphae narrow and thickwalled, golden to pale rusty brown, 2-4 µm wide, setae none, spores rusty brown, ellipsoid, 5,5-6,5 x 3,5-4 µm non-amyloid.
This is a striking species with small and distinctly pendant fruitbodies and either lacking a context or present only as an extremely thin cinnamon layer next to the black cuticle close to the base of the fruitbody. The spores are more strongly coloured than is usual in the genus. The species seems to take up a rather isolated position in the genus.
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