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Description:Perithecia nonstromatic, solitary or in small groups of 2-3, venter globose to subglobose, sometimes depressed, immersed to semi-immersed, subhyaline to pale brown to grey-brown, 190-250 µm diam, 190-240 µm high, with central or rarely slightly eccentric cylindrical, hyaline to subhyaline neck, 60-90 µm diam, 80-250 µm high, often swollen at the base, periphysate. Perithecial wall leathery to fragile, two-layered, ca 10-15 µm thick; outer layer textura prismatica composed of 2-3 layers of polyhedral cells; inner layer of hyaline, elongated cells. Paraphyses abundant, septate, at the septa slightly constricted, hyaline, 5-8 µm wide, tapering towards the tip to ca 2-2.5 µm, longer than the asci, disintegrating with age. Asci unitunicate, cylindrical-clavate, (105-)115-150(-165) — 8.5-11.5 µm (mean ± S.E. = 124.96 ± 4.29 - 9.36 ± 0.29 µm), pars sporifera (74-)80-120(-130) µm (mean ± S.E. = 93.77 ± 4.50 µm), 8-spored, broadly rounded at the apex, long-stipitate, apical annulus distinct, inamyloidal, ca 2.5 µm high, 3-3.5 µm wide, staining deep blue in blue Waterman ink, with a faint rim at the apex. Ascospores cylindrical-fusiform to cylindrical, (28-)30-38(-40) — 3.8-4.5(-5) µm (mean ± S.E. = 31.68 ± 0.44 - 4.49 ± 0.1 µm), slightly falcate, hyaline, 3-5-septate, with a guttule in each cell, smooth, irregularly biseriate in the ascus, lacking a mucilaginous sheath or appendages. 
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