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Description:31. Agaricus (Lepiota) viridi-tinctus, B. & Br.
Olidus; pileo convexo umbonato albo squamulis rufis obsito; stipite claviformi e farcto cavo glabro albo basi rufescente; lamellis ventricosis postice attenuatis approximatis (no. 1153 cum icone).
On the ground. June 1869.
Smell foxy; pileus 1 inch across, convex, umbonate, white, clothed with dense, rufous, pilose scales; stem 2 inches high, 1 line thick in the centre, clavate, stuffed, then hollow, smooth; ring erect; edge rufous; gills whijeeventricose, attenuated behind, 1 line wide; spores .0002' long.
Turns of a greenish blue when cut.
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