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 Add this item to the list   42. Agaricus (Lepiota) spongodes B. & Br.
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Description:42. Agaricus (Lepiota) spongodes, B. & Br.
Pileo convexo subcarnoso sericeo-squamoso; stipite flexuoso lanato farcto, annulo suberecto;
lamellis arcuatis postice rotundatis remotis (no. 86 cum icone). On the ground. Peradeniya, Nov. 1867.
Pileus 2 inches across, convex or somewhat conical, at length depressed, vinous-red, clothed with silky scales; flesh white, thin towards the margin; stem 2.5 inches high, 2 lines thick, slightly attenuated upwards, vinous; gills 2-2.5 lines wide, arched, white, with a pinkish tinge, leaving a circular space round the top of the stem, which does not penetrate the flesh; mycelium fibrous; spores .00025' long.
This description is taken from the specimen from which the drawing was made. There is, however, a specimen marked with the same number, which may possibly be distinct, though the spores are similar. The pileus is still more spongy, the stem shorter and dilated at the base; and, when dry, the coating of the pileus assumes the colour of sponge.
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