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 Add this item to the list   67. Agaricus (Lepiota) metulaesporus B. & Br.
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Description:67. Agaricus (Lepiota) metulaesporus, B. & Br.
Pileo campanulato obtuso sulcato squamulis pallidis ornato, margine appendiculato; stipite subaequali pallido intus citrino; lamellis ventricosis albis; sporis metulaeformibus (no. 1180 cum icone).
On the ground. July 1869.
Pileus 1 inch across, campanulate, rather fleshy, white, grooved, adorned with small pallid scales; margin appendiculate; stem 2.5 inch high, 1 line thick, nearly equal or slightly clavate, pallid, lemon-coloured, stuffed; gills nearly 2 lines broad, white, ventricose, approximate; spores ninepin-shaped, when seen from the back, obliquely clavate from the side, .0006' long. Mycelium thread-like.
This agrees, as to to the spores, with no. 6447 from Alabama, which is apparently a form of the same species, which occurs also in England.
No. 802, Peradeniya, Oct. 186S, described by Mr. Thwaites as fragrant, is the same species.
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