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 Add this item to the list   101. Agaricus (Collybia) apalosarcus B. & Br.
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Description:101. Agaricus (Collybia) apalosarcus, B. & Br.
Totus tener; pileo plano-convexo usque ad centrum striato; stipite brevi solido subtequali; lamellis ventricosis latis postice rotundato-adnexis margine crenatis (no. 699, cum icone).
On dead wood. Peradeniya, July, Aug., Nov. 1868.
" Very tender," dirty white; pileus 1.5 inch across, striate from the margin to the obtuse centre; flesh moderately thick, cinereous; stem 1 inch high, 1.5 line thick, solid, smooth, distinct from the flesh of the pileus, truncate at the base; gills 0.25 inch broad, rounded behind, ventricose, nearly free, pallid; spores globose, .0008'-.0006' in diameter.
Undoubtedly allied to A. magisterium; but the drawing shows that it is very different species. In some specimens the spores vary from .0003' to .0009' in diameter.
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