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Description:250. Agaricus (Psalliota) tornocephalus, B. & Br.
Pileo campanulato nitido demum plano glabro margine incurvo; stipite sursum attenuato fnrfuraceo, annulo descendente amplissimo; lamellis angustis utrinque attenuatis fuscis (no. 789, cum icone).
On the ground. Jan. 1869.
Pileus 3-4 inches across, campanulate, regular, very pale lemon-colour, quite smooth, at length plane with the edge incurved; stem 5 inches high, 0.35 thick in the middle, rather swollen at the base, white, densely floccoso-furfuraceous; ring large, white, descending; mycelium fibrous, white; gills narrow, 1.5 line wide, attenuated at either end; spores .0002' long.
Turns tawny in drying, but differs from the last in the gills and ring.
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