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Description:255. Agaricus (Psalliota) dyspines, B. & Br.
Pileo convexo striato albido maculis punctisve-brunneis sordido; stipite clavato, annulo erecto; lamellis carneo-lividis postice rotundatis liberis (no. 717, cum icone).
On the ground. Peradeniya, Jan. 1869.
Pileus 1.25 inch broad, French-grey, striate, thin, stained with dark specks or blotches, especially in the centre, which is slightly umbouate, but dimpled; stem 2.5 inches high, 1 line thick, stuffed; ring narrow, white, erect, pinkish grey; gills ventricose, pink, inclining to cinereous, 1.5 line broad; mycelium filamentous; spores .00025' long.
There are two forms, one of which is less squamulose and even with narrower paler gills.
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