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Description type:Original description 
Description:254. Agaricus (Psalliota) bolorhizus, B. & Br. Pileo e convexo plano umbonato squamuloso; stipite elongato albo-farcto basi marginatobulboso; lamellis angustis brunneis (no. 753, cum icone).
On the ground.
Pileus 2.5-3 inches across, convex, then plane or depressed, broadly umbonate, dirty pinkish-white, with little brown floccose scales; stem 3 inches high, 2.5 lines thick, pinkish, floccose, stuffed, nearly equal, with a subglobose base, which gives out white fibrils; gills not a line broad, brownish; spores .00025' long.
The substance of the stem, which is brownish, penetrates that of the pileus, from which it is distinguished by its different tint. There is a form with a nearly smooth pileus.
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