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Description:265. Agaricus (Psalliota) chloroconius, B. & Br.
Pusillus; pileo convexo umbonato pulvere viridi farinaceo; stipite gracili subtiliter fistuloso pulverulento; lamellis ventricosis carneis liberis (no. 892, cum icone).
On the ground. Peradeniya, Jan. 1869.
Pileus 0.35-0.75 inch across, at first subcampanulate, then convex, with a papillaeform umbo, clothed with green meal; stem 0.5-1.5 inch, equal, or slightly dilated below, pale, clothed here and there with a little green meal; gills ventricose, 1 line broad, rounded behind, free; spores .00025 long.
There are two forms, one taller with a very slender stem and campanulate pileus, the other with the pileus more expanded and a short, stouter, paler stem.
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