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Description:263. Agaricus (Psalliota) plumarius, B. & Br.
Pusillus; pileo e campanulato convexo papillato-umbonato floccoso-squamuloso; stipite gracili flexuouo subtiliter fistuloso, annulo erecto; lamellis ventricosis umbrino-carneis (no. 191, cum icone).
On banks. Peradeniya, July-Aug. 1868.
Gregarious; pileus 0.25-0.35 inch across, at first campanulate, then convex with a little umbo, greyish white, minutely floccoso-squamulose, even; stem 1 inch high, 0.35 line thick, white above, slightly umber below, flexuous, minutely fistulose; ring white, erect; gills pinkish umber; spores .0002 long. Whole plant dark when dry.
Closely allied to the last. This is just one of the cases in which the spores may have changed colour in drying.
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