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 Add this item to the list  339. Russula periglypta B. & Br.
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Description:339. Russula periglypta, B. & Br.
Candidus; pileohemisphaerico viscido umbilicato sulcato; stipite deorsum angustato solido; lamellis arcuatis postice acutis attingentibus (no. 800, cum icone).
On the ground, Peradeniya, Nov. 1868.
Pileus 2.5 inches across, hemispherical, viscid, margin regularly and strongly sulcate; stem nearly 3 inches high, 0.75 thick in the middle, attenuated at the base, somewhat swollen in the centre, solid; gills regular, arched, inch wide, acute behind, reaching to the top of stem; interstices reticulate.
Very regular in form.
Spores globose, echinulate, .00025 in diameter.
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