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 Add this item to the list  335. Hygrophorus caesius B. & Br.
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Description:335. Hygrophorus caesius, B. & Br.
Pileo campanulato obtuso demum spice rupto livido striato, carne cassia; stipite glabro eximie fistuloso basi dilatato; lamellis undulatis adnexis ca siis (no. 856, cum icone).
On the ground. Peradeniya, Dec. 1868.
Pileus campanulate, 1 inch across, livid, smooth, striate, splitting at the apex; margin lobed; flesh thin, glaucous; stem 1.5 inch high, 0.25 thick, dilated and truncate at the base, fistulose, sometimes pervious above from the rupture of the flesh of the pileus, smooth, even, white, with a livid glaucous tinge; gills undulated, blue, distant, adnexed.
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