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 Add this item to the list  15. Hydnum sclerodontium n. s.
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Description:15. Hydnum sclerodontium, n. s.
Orbiculare totum effusum resupinatum; subiculo tenui laevi glaberrimo nitido ochraceo; aculeis sparsis rotundis attenuates longissimis flexuosis rigidis hic illic divisis rufis.
Java. Spanoghe; on bark.
Forming large orbicular patches 3 inches or more in diameter. Effused and perfectly resupinate. Subiculum thin adnate ochraceous very smooth and shining; margin white, extremely narrow and indistinct scarcely byssoid. Aculei scattered half an inch or more long round slightly attenuated acute flexuous rigid as thick as a bristle, here and there, but rarely divided, of a rich rufous brown. The subiculum sometimes runs up the base of the aculei for
some distance and sometimes clothes the shorter ones entirely.
This is a very fine and remarkable species resembling in some respects H. crinale, but differing in its scattered aculei and in several other points. The aculei are in this species so large and distinct that it might almost be referred to the genus Clavaria, so intimately are the genera connected in Hymenomycetous Fungi.
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