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 Add this item to the list  40. Polyporus (Apus) rimosus n. sp.;
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Description:40. Polyporus (Apus) rimosus, n. sp.;
Pileo duro longaevo altissime ungulato zonato cinnamomeo; zonis recentioribus laetioribus sericeis lineatis; vetustiorihus rimosis; hymenio rhabarbarino; poris parvis subangulatis acie velutinis, contextu ferrugineo.-Drumm. n. 144. P. igniarius, var. scaber, Berk. Annals of Nat. Hist. vol. 3, p. 324.
On gum-trees and manna-trees; much preyed on by the larva of a small moth.
Pileus 3-4 inches broad, 1.25-2.5 inches long, 2-4 inches high, very hard and slow of growth, zoned, the older portions much cracked, brown and scabrous, the border of a pretty cinnamon, elegantly marked with silky lines, with the edge acute, but in old specimens occasionally very obtuse. Pores rhubarb-coloured, small, irregular, their edge velvety. Substance ferruginous.
This I formerly considered as a variety of Pol. igniarius, but perfect specimens before me do not confirm this notion. The pores are larger, and the whole aspect of perfect specimens very different. In old specimens a very thin stratum is deposited every year.
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