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Remarks (public):This, and the greater part of the following species, are described from a very rich collection of Fungi, consisting of above 280 species, from the neighbourhood of Cincinnati, kindly sent to Sir W. J. Hooker by T. G. Lea, Esq., and accompanied in many instances by very copious and valuable notes. The collection has furnished a large quantity of interesting species, first made known in his memoirs by Schweinitz, some very rare European forms, and a considerable number of new species, the most important of which are here described. I have myself corresponded on the subject with their discoverer, and can bear witness to his great kindness and zeal; and I have no doubt that mycology will be further enriched by his labours. 
Description type:Original description 
Description:74. Agaricus (Clytocybe) ochro-purpureus, n. sp.
Pileo subhemispherico [sic] demum depresso carnoso compacto lento pallide alutaceo leviter purpurascente; cute facile secernibili; margine inflexo primum tomentoso, mycelio albo. Stipite
pallidiore hic illic purpurascente, medio tumido. Lamellis crassis non connexis purpureis postice latioribus decurrentibus.
On clayey soil in woodlands. T. G. Lea, Esq. Ohio, n. 261.
Pileus 2 inches across. Stem 2.5 inches high, 0.75 of an inch thick in the centre, solid, above deflexo-squamose, occasionally equal.
This species resembles in most points Ag. tyrianthinus; but the gills are thick and distinct, resembling those of Ag. laccatus, and the mycelium (at least in the dry plant,) is white. The spores when dry are of a palish yellow, but Mr. Lea in his notes describes them when fresh as white.
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