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 Add this item to the list  75. Agaricus (Mycena) Leaianus n. sp.
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Description:75. Agaricus (Mycena) Leaianus, n. sp.
Pileo convexo umbilicato tenui margine striato minutissime miniato-virgato stipiteque longo deorsum tomentoso strigosoque aurantiis viscosis; lamellis distantihus ventricosis postice sinuatis adnexis aurantiis, coccineo-marginatis.
On a dead trunk, Ohio, May. n. 2]4. T. G. Lea, Esq.
Pileus rather more than half an inch broad, convex, umbilicate, orange, clothed with a viscid cuticle, smooth, wrinkled when dry; margin striate and slightly virgate, with vermillion flocci. Stern 2.5 inches high, not 1 line thick, orange, smooth and viscid above, with a few indistinct, darker specks, below clothed with matted, tawny down, and strigose flocci, stringy, attached to dead leaves, &c. by a creeping, strigose, orange mycelium. Gills distinct, broad, ventricose, remarkably sinuated behind, adnexed, orange, with a vermillion
Resembling somewhat Ag. coccinellus, but probably more closely allied to Ag.pelianthinus. The pileus when dry has somewhat the appearance of that of Ag. palmatus, in consequence of its viscid cuticle. It must be a most beautiful species when fresh. Mr. Lea mentions that the spores are orange. I do not find this to be the case in the specimens ; and as the spores, in well-dried Cortinariae, are always visible enough, I think there must be some mistake in this point. I have little doubt myself that the species belongs to the division Mycena.
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