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 Add this item to the list  105. Corticium Dregeanum, n. sp.
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Description:105. Corticium Dregeanum, n. sp.
Effusum, resupinatum papyraceum e matrice separabile ochroleucum supra subtiliter tomentosum; hymenio rimosiusculo glabro papillato. Drëge, n. 9451, c.
South Africa, on bark.
Forming effused ochroleucous somewhat elongated patches, 3-4 inches long, 11/2 inch broad, separable from the matrix, above minutely tomentose; hymenium glabrous, minutely mealy, rather rugged papillose, slightly cracked.
Resembling somewhat Corticium molle but easily distin-
guished by its thicker flexible substance, which is separable from the matrix.
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