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 Add this item to the list  Corlinarius (Myxamicium) ochraceus, n. sp.
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Description:Corlinarius (Myxamicium) ochraceus, n. sp.
Pileus and stem very viscid. Pileus up to 2 ins. (5 cm.) in diameter, convex, repand, finally irregularly upturned, Yellow Ochre (pl. xv.), centre darker. Gills adnate, close, ¼ in. (8 mm.) deep, near Sudan Brown (pl. iii.). Stem 2 ins. (5 cm.) high, ? in. (10 mm.) thick, somewhat bulbous below, then equal, striate above, pallid becoming yellowish-brown. Flesh soapy looking, thick over the disc, rapidly attenuated outwards. Spores yellow-brown, 8.5 x 4 µm.
On the ground amongst leaves under trees.
S.A. - Mount Lofty, July, 1927.

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