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 Add this item to the list  Marasmius subinstitius, n. sp.
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Description type:Latin diagnosis 
Description:Marasmius subinstitius, n. sp.
The following seems allied to M. institius, differing in the absence of umbilication, in the dark stern, and in the presence of cystidia. Pileus ? inch in diameter, convex, occasionally reaching ¼ inch when more expanded, slightly coarsely rugose, pallid brownish, surface matt. Gills adnate, distant, relatively few, alternate ones short, deep, colour of pileus. Stem up to 1¼ inch high, blackish, like horsehair, finely villous, abruptly leaving the matrix. Spores elongated, one end more pointed, 8.5 x 28 µm; a few thick-walled cystidia with rough apices, 52 to 60 x 12 µm.
On dead leaves, sticks, etc.,
Mosman, Sydney, May, 1919 (Miss Clarke, Watercolour No. 205) . (Pl. i., fig. 5.)
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