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Description:Inocybe subasterospora, n. sp. (pl. x., figs. 4 and 5).
The following common species in the Sydney district agrees fairly well with Cooke's illustrations of I. asterospora, save that the plants are smaller. It also resembles somewhat Cooke's figures of I. maritima. As it seems clearly distinct from the South Australian specimens, we give it a new name which indicates its affinity:
Pileus occasionally up to 1¼ inch in diameter, slightly convex, sometimes depressed, subgibbous to occasionally papillately umbonate, dark brown, occasionally lighter or rusty-brown and often more chestnut at the periphery, usually fibrously streaked and splitting, occasionally more scaly. Gills adnate to adnexed, separating from the stem, moderately crowded, pale milk-coffee coloured, then cinnamon, sometimes with a white edge. Stem up to 12 inch high, moderately stout, solid, slightly fibrillose, pale brownish, slightly mealy above, base sometimes a little swollen. Spores irregularly knobby, 7 to 9 x 5.2 to 7 µm. Cystidia numerous, ventricose, apices usually knobby, 42 x 17, 47 x 15.5, 50 x 14, 55 x 21.5, 70 x 17 µm, etc.
Sydney district, March to July, October, December; Pittwater, April; Parramatta, July; Milson Island, Hawkesbury River, July, November; Hill Top (E. C.), May; localities not noted (several) ; locality not stated. (stem white but cap dark). (Miss Clarke, Watercolour No. 33; D. I. C., Watercolour No. 63; Herb., J. B. C., Form. Sp., November, 1914).
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