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Description:Psilocybe aggregata, n. sp. (pl. xii., figs. 5 and 6).
Pileus up to 1 inch across, usually ¾ inch, slightly convex becoming flattened, very dark chocolate-brown when moist, drying from the centre to a pale brown, faintly striate. Gills, close, adnexed, slightly ventricose, colour of the moist cap. Stem short, ¾ inch long, curved, pale brown, semi-transulcent, slightly greyish, silky-fibrous, hollow. Spores in the mass dark purplish, microscopically a dark bronzy-brown,. 5.5 x 3.4 µm. Numerous ventricose cystidia, the apices rough,. 35 to 40 x 10.5 µm.
In dense masses covering a fallen log. Leura, Blue Mountains, June, 1916 (Miss Clarke, Watercolour No. 122;. Herb., J. B. C., Form. Sp., 209).
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