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Description:Poria tenuis (Schw.) Cooke var. pulchella (Schw.) Lowe
N. Y. State Coll. Forestry Tech. Publ. 65:28. 1946. Polyporus pulchellus Schw., Amer. Phil. Soc. Trans. 2,4:158. 1832 (PH; BPI; K). Polyporus xantholoma Schw., same reference (K; BPI; NY). Physisporus vitellinus Karst., Soc. Fauna Flora Fenn. Meddel. 6:5. 1881 (H; BPI; S), renamed Poria leonildis Manc. & Sacc., Syll. Fung. 6:301. 1888. Physisporus nitidus *Ph. vitellinulus Karst., Bidr. känn. Finl. Nat. Folk 37:59. 1882 (H; BPI). Poria holoxantha Berk. & Cooke, Grevillea 15:26. 1886 (lectotype-K; BPI; NY). Poria tomentocincta Berk. & Rav., Grevillea 15:26. 1886 (K; BPI; NY). Poria chrysella Egel., Nytt Mag. Naturv. 51:77. 1913 (isotypes-BFI, S).
As in the species except yellow when fresh, usually fading on drying. Throughout the U. S. and in Europe; associated with a white rot.
This species and its variety intergrade with P. medulla-panis and P. subacida, and the validity of the taxonomic concepts of these species and their synonyms is by no means clear.
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