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Description type:Non-original description 
Description:Mutinus Fr.,
Summ. Veg. Scand. 2: 434 (1849).
Cynophallus (Fr.) Corda, Icon. Fung. 6: 14 (1854).
Corynites Berk. & Curtis in Trans. Linn. Soc. 21: 149 (1855). Caromyxa Mont., Syll. Cryptog.: 281 (1856).
Immature fruitbody hypogeous, ovoid to pyriform. Peridium whitish, membranous, smooth, stratified with mucilaginous middle layer, becoming volvate with apical lobes at maturity. Gleba borne subapically over surface of receptacle, dark olivaceous brown, with weak to strongly foetid odour. Pileus not developed. Receptacle stipe-like, slender, apically tapering, cylindrical, hollow, pseudoparenchymatous, pale coloured, perforate or not. Indusium absent. Spore mass olive-brown. Spores small, ellipsoid, pale yellowish. Habitat in damp woodlands, rarely attached to rotting wood. Type species: Mutinus caninus (Huds.: Pers.) Fr.
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