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Description:Phallaceae Corda,
Icon. Fung. 5: 29 (1842, ut `Phalloideae').
Immature fruitbody (`myco-egg') ovoid, comprising a smooth, pale peridium enclosing a gelatinized gleba and unexpanded receptacle. Mature fruitbody unipileate, with a stipe-like receptacle, supporting an apical, mucilaginous gleba. Receptacle (`stipe') unbranched, cylindrical, hollow, with spongy texture which rapidly expands at maturity. Indusium mostly absent, sometimes present and netlike. Type genus: Phallus Pers.
Once the peridium has ruptured, growth and elongation of the receptacle is extremely rapid, reaching maximum size within a few hours, or two days at the most. Expansion is effected by utilizing the water store in the gelatinous layer of the peridium. Fruitbodies are quickly located by the nauseous odour of the mucilaginous gleba, which may be detected from a considerable distance. The odour attracts flying insects to the gleba, thereby ensuring spore dispersal. In older fruitbodies, the gleba is completely removed revealing the pale-coloured, costate pileus.
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