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 Add this item to the list   Gautieria Vittad.
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Description:Gautieria Vittad.
Monogr. Tuberac. 25 (1831).
[Etym.: after J. Gautieri]
Gautiera Endlicher, Gen. Pl.: 30 (1836), non Gautiera Rafin., Med. Fl. 1: 202 (1828).
Gasterocarp small, rarely more than 2 cm diam., subglobose or irregularly depressed, sessile, basally attached to rhizomorphs. Peridium thin, simple, soon evanescent, rarely persistent and usually absent at maturity, whitish to dull coloured. Gleba gelatinous-cartilaginous, whitish when young then brown, labyrinthoid to loculate, with full or partially filled chambers. Tramal plates gelatinized; clamp-connexions present. Columella present, variable, simple or dendroid, gelatinous to translucent-cartilaginous; minute sterile base occasionally present. Euhymenial. Spore mass fuscous brown. Spores statismosporic, symmetric, 12-26 µm long, ovoid to ellipsoid or broadly fusoid, with a light to dark brown, thickened wall, bearing an exosporial ornamentation of meridional costae, mostly parallel but at times branching; hilar appendix conspicuous, cylindrical, with a terminal hilar tear. Basidia cylindrico-clavate, 1-4-spored, bearing short sterigmata. Cystidia present or absent, inconspicuous. Pileipellis a repent epicutis of inflated hyphae. Development angiocarpic. Hypogeous or subepigeous. Type species: G. morchelliformis Vittad.
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